Join the adventure of a student learning animation.

Animation 101 is a point-and-click game where you will learn a thing or two as well!

Originally made for #AdvJam2016 as a "teaser" and proof of concept, it is now a work in progress to become a full expanded game with a different storyline.

SBGames 2016 - Finalist - Best Serious Game

- Platforms and languages -

The game is in English and Brazilian Portuguese and currently available on Windows, with plans to be released on other platforms.


- Multiple endings -

Are you a great student, an average one or likes to cheat and deceive the professor?


- References and inspiration -

The game has references of other games, movies and animation material. Explore it and find them all!


- What people are saying -

"Probably the biggest compliment I can give about this game is that when it was over, I reeeeeally really wanted to keep playing."
- Gecko5567 (Gamejolt community)

"I really want to play more of this kind of game. This is surprisingly fun."
- connerjanderson (Gamejolt community)

"Animation 101 is an innovative and informative adventure which makes learning the basics of pixel art animation fun by wrapping it up in an interesting narrative about a student who's learning how to animate at night school."
- Alpha Beta Gamer

"Okay, I'll be honest: "Animation 101" is lovely to look at, but it involves some tedious work as gameplay (the coloring of some pixel figures and the sorting of paper sheets). But I simply have to recommend it, because it could be a great education game about (pixel) art and animation! I love the concept, the start and of course the artwork. Give it a try!"
- gamejamcurator

"Whether you are interested in animations or not, Animation 101 is certainly something to keep an eye on, because it shows potential."
- Softpedia

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